By Brendan Maloy
May 20, 2014

(via @CBSnewspath/Twitter) (via @CBSnewspath/Twitter)

A 40-foot deep sinkhole has opened up in the endzone of Austin Peay State University's football stadium but the school seems surprisingly calm about it.

Apparently, sinkholes are extremely common during construction around the Clarksville, TN area, and the school has even built sinkhole management into the budget for the stadium's renovation. APSU spokesman Bill Persinger said the sinkholes have actually long been one of the campus' defining characteristics.

"They're actually a main feature of our campus. The center of campus has what we call the bowls, which we've landscaped around as the sinkholes have been remediated years ago."

Any school communications director who can turn a growing sinkhole on-campus into a positive deserves a raise.

The school says that despite the sinkhole's growing size, it does not pose a threat to anyone and will not stop construction from being completed on Governors Stadium before the team begins play this fall.

[NewsChannel5, via FTW]

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