By Brendan Maloy
May 20, 2014

Yaya Toure is a star midfielder for Manchester City. He is also a man who cares very deeply about his birthday -- so much so that he was looking to part ways with the EPL champions for failing to celebrate May 13 properly. His agent, Dimitry Seluk, told the press that Toure felt unwanted by the team:

‘City have treated him with disrespect and have really hurt him. Yaya is so upset he’s thinking of leaving City.

‘They don’t know that money can’t buy relationships, this isn’t about money or a new contract, it’s about human relationships.’

This might seem like a crazy charge, but things got even odder when the internet quickly dug up tweets and videos from MCFC's official accounts of their Toure Day festivities.

So I guess they did celebrate his birthday, but Toure felt they didn't celebrate it well enough.

The real key to the whole mystery seems to lay with the agent, who The Guardian says took to the press with claims that Yaya was unhappy with Man City last summer, shortly before signing the midfielder to a massive four-year contract there.

I, for one, am thrilled by this turn of events. I haven't been this excited about birthday drama since My Super Sweet 16 got cancelled.



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