By Nicole Conlan
May 21, 2014

Monica and Leroy Wilkinson were determined to get married and have a family, despite the obstacles that stood in their way. First came multiple miscarriages, then a stillborn daughter, and finally, Monica was diagnosed with Stage 4 ovarian cancer and underwent immediate treatment.

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The financial burden of these tragedies made a wedding a non-viable dream for the Wilkinsons, until Mavericks owner Mark Cuban stepped in. After the Wilkinsons had appealed to numerous charities for help funding their wedding, they were contacted by Cuban's assistant, who told them that he wanted to help pay for their wedding.

Though the Wilkinsons' struggle is far from over -- Monica will continue to undergo cancer treatment and her life expectancy is uncertain -- they were able to live one of their dreams thanks to Cuban's generosity. Leroy just has one thing to say to Cuban: "Thank you. She means the world to me."


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