Charles Barkley to San Antonio Radio Staffer: "Don't Get Your A** Whooped

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Charles Barkley loves to make friends with the friendly -- albeit portly, in his opinion -- people of San Antonio.

The same day Barkley told Spurs fans "they suck too," video surfaced of Barkley telling off a man Hoop Mix Tape claims is a local radio voice. The video branding suggests it was part of the local Billy Madison radio show. Among the string of obscenities Barkley lobbed at the man who was clearly trying to bait him into rehashing his stance on San Antonio women, was Barkley warning the man he was "going to get his ass whooped."

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Frankly, this alleged "reporter" got what was coming to him by trying to bait Barkley. You're not helping the rep of your city with this amateur catfish attempt, dude.

Barkley's frustration with San Antonio fans' inability to take his joke boiled over on TNT's coverage of the NBA playoffs Wednesday when he threatened to beat up anyone who "said it to his face" as it were.

Although Chuck has reiterated he's joking about the 'big ole women' in San Antonio, his comments have drummed up plenty of vitriol there. But Barkley has refused to apologize for the comments, explaining, "You know I’m joking … some of you people don’t like my sense of humor. Here’s what I gotta say: Turn off your d*** television. I’m not gonna change.”