By Brendan Maloy
May 27, 2014

(Screengrab, via (Screengrab, via

Chris Andersen was not able to play in the Miami Heat's Game 4 win over the Indiana Pacers last night, but a young fan did suit up in full Birdman regalia to honor the defending champions most eccentric player.

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The level of time and detail that went into a getup like this has got to be respected, no matter your opinion on the Heat and their fans. An enormous amount of praise also go to this kid's parents for allowing their child to cover himself in tattoos and add a mohawk to honor a bench player.

Hopefully one of Andersen's Heat teammates had the presence of mind to try and convince Birdman that this was actually his long lost son who came to finally meet his father. It seems like he might fall for that.



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