By Extra Mustard
May 28, 2014

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It has finally arrived. Today we celebrate perhaps the most well-known of the non-sports that ESPN broadcasts on a yearly basis: The Scripps National Spelling Bee. Over the next couple of days, we will all be captivated by the smarts, poise and cracking voices of some of the brightest children in the country. Vowels and consonants will flow with precision as each of them attempt to join the elite few who can call themselves Spelling Bee champion. Of course, making it to the highest level of spelling can take months, even years of preparation. To give you an idea of what these kids are up against, we've created the quiz below comprised of past words that have actually been used in the final round of the Spelling Bee in past years. And we've made things interesting by giving you eight options to choose from for each word. Good luck!

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With help from David Rafailedes

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