By Nicole Conlan
May 29, 2014

UPDATE: We were just informed this is actually from 2012. But because the grossness is eternal, we will leave this post up for you to enjoy. Let's all agree to call it a #ThrowbackThursday

Apparently the Australian Open is run by bullies, because they made this ball girl catch a giant bug WITH HER BARE HANDS.

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Catching any bug with your bare hands is gross, but there are two things about this incident that make me especially scornful of the decision-makers at the Australian Open:

1. That is a HUGE bug.

2. Everything in Australia is made to kill you.

Kudos to the girl, who removed the offending insect to a huge round of applause from the crowd, and shame on you, Australian Open. At least give her some gloves next time.

[YouTube via Reddit]

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