By Brendan Maloy
May 29, 2014


FOX Sports Australia put together a list of the weirdest and wildest moments in the Rugby history, and they are definitely weirder and wilder than most sports blooper reels.

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While American clip reels are generally filled with things like bobbled snaps and players shooting at the wrong hoop, our friends down under have kicks that defy physics by sailing 50 yards in the opposite direction and, most impressively, players attempting to remain in the game without pants.

If an NFL player was on the field without pants for three seconds, it would be the only thing talked about on TV or radio for the whole season.

Also, why is there a rooster wearing a James Harden jersey on the field in the first clip? It seems like he is allowed to be there because none of the security guards go after him, so does that mean he is the mascot? So many questions about that one.

[Fox Sports Australia]

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