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Unsurprisingly, the Redskins #RedskinsPride Hashtag Backfired Quite Horribly

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I'm going to guess that this was a pretty slow day at Washington Redskins headquarters. The draft is over and we're still weeks away from training camp. So, it seems in order to pass the time, the team decided to send out the tweet below:

The Wall Street Journal published a long article yesterday about Reid's opposition to the Redskins name, so it's likely that the tweet was the team's big strategical PR move to win the day. I mean, now they'd be able to stir up team pride while shaming Reid -- what could possibly go wrong?

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Well, perhaps if the Redskins had been taking notes on the #AskNeal, #AskEmmert and #AskCommish debacles, they would have known that a lot can go wrong when hashtags are started by sources surrounded by controversy.

While there were initially some tweets of support, as word spread of the hashtag, Twitter began to explode with people berating the name:

And they're still flowing in.

Harry Reid's office has called the campaign "a massive failure."

That's an understatement.

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