By Andy Gray
May 30, 2014

OKC Loses. This Dunk Wins.

Russell Westbrook's emphatic dunk was one of the few Thunder highlights on Thursday as the Spurs rolled to a 117-89 victory and are one win away from a return trip to the Finals. It was a physical game as Tim Duncan took a kick to the groin and Kevin Durant took a slap to the face. The biggest injury, however, was to the pride of this reporter who got ripped by Gregg Popovich after asking a not-so-smart question.

When Social Media Ideas Break Bad

Senator Harry Reid has been among the biggest forces behind the movement to make the Redskins change their team name. The Redskins decided to fight back on Twitter yesterday, urging their fans to tweet Reid with the hashtag #RedskinsPride. To say this backfired would be an understatement.

Delino DeShields Jr. Face Update

Less than six weeks after getting nailed in the face with a 90 mph fastball, leading to one of the most gruesome-looking injuries in baseball history, Delino DeShields Jr. is back to looking like a normal person again.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Cyrus from Boulder emailed a LLOD request for Sierra Rene, who we haven't featured in nearly a year. Another win for Cyrus from Boulder.

Who Dressed Al Alburquerque?

I have no idea what is going on with Al Alburquerque but no major league baseball player should ever wear a studded leather bikini top and daisy dukes. A certain retired basketball player, however, was allowed a little more leeway with his attire.

More Proof Floyd Mayweather is Rich

The boxer paid Nicki Manaj $50,000 to appear at his daughter's 14th birthday party. She didn't have to sing. She didn't have to dance. She just showed up, hung out for an hour and left $50,000 richer than when she arrived. In fairness, Mayweather is the highest-paid athlete in sports.

From the SI Vault

New York Rangers :: Getty Images New York Rangers :: Getty Images

The Rangers are going back to the Stanley Cup Finals. Dominic Moore, who took last year off to be with his wife as she battled cancer, scored the game's lone goal as the Rangers eliminated the Canadiens in six games. In this 1994 photo, Adam Graves (far left), Mark Messier (sunglasses) and their Rangers teammates ride through the Canyon of Heroes after defeating Vancouver and winning the Stanley Cup. For more classic sports photos, visit the SI Vault on Twitter.

Odds and Ends

Larry Bird did not approve of Lance Stephenson's "blowing-in-your-opponent's-ear" tactic ... A total of 1,283 special gems were created from the carbon contained in Pele's hair ... Blue Jays right-fielder Jose Bautista threw out Billy Butler at first base during last night's game ... Darnell Dockett will be sporting one of the NFL's more interesting helmets next season ... A former Brewers prospect is appearing on this season of The Bachelorette ... Marilyn Manson will play a white supremacist in the final season of Sons of Anarchy ... A man and his son are stuck in South Korea after the son doodled all over the dad's passport ... A Green Beret went off on Gwyneth Paltrow and it is the best thing I've read all week ... The best and worst surprises from this TV season ... Which fast food restaurants is your state best known for?

Milkshakes For All At National Spelling Bee

A judge adds some levity during the National Spelling Bee.

Hockey Stick Tricks 

Sonny Milano, an 18-year old NHL prospect, shows off his skills.

Feel-Good Video of the Day

A goat ends his hunger strike after being reunited with his best friend. Just watch it.

Speaking of Goats

Here's one being used as a backpack by a guy riding a bicycle. Seriously. (H/T Hypervocal)

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