By Brendan Maloy
May 30, 2014

(via McDonalds Japan) (via McDonalds Japan)

McDonald's is releasing a limited time World Cup menu in Japan, according to England's Metroand it contains internationally-inspired offerings like chicken cordon bleu and pork schnitzel sandwiches as well as two burgers with soccer ball-shaped buns.

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The Brazilian BBQ beef burger promises to "liven up the mood for the World Cup" with two patties, cheddar cheese, and a special "grilling sauce,"  but the real star of the show is the soccer ball bun. If America knew that this was the reward for embracing soccer, we would have made it the national game years ago.

If the sandwiches don't whet your appetite, the fast-food giant will also offer Italian basil cheese and German curry (German curry?) flavored dipping sauces for Chicken McNuggets, as well as fried Italian risotto balls in both tomato and squid ink flavors.


Metro Japan Today

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