By Brendan Maloy
June 04, 2014

(Josh Hedges/UFC/Getty Images) (Josh Hedges/UFC/Getty Images)

UFC president Dana White has had his maximum betting limit reduced from $25,000 a hand to a paltry $5,000 at the Palms Casino in Las Vegas for the second time after going on a winning streak that forced the casino into damage control mode.

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White returned in March of this year after a two-year break from the casino, which cut him off in 2012 after a nearly $2 million hot streak, only to be shut down again last month.

The MMA promoter declined to tell the Las Vegas Review-Journal how much his recent run netted him, but the paper reports that he is rumored to have tipped the dealers around $200,000 since March. White said he was afraid the success would get him branded as a cheat.

“A lot of people are going to think I’m a card counter after that Ben Affleck thing at the Hard Rock. I’m the farthest thing from card counter.”

White had previously removed all UFC events from the Palms property after his first banishment, but the two have reportedly maintained a better relationship this time, with the casino sending him a trophy that said "congrats you kicked our ass and made us tap out.”


Las Vegas Review-Journal

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