By Andy Gray
June 04, 2014

Ten-Cent Beer Night

Today marks the 40th anniversary of Ten-Cent Beer Night at Municipal Stadium in Cleveland. And yes, it's exactly as it sounds. Ten ounces of Stroh's beer for ten cents. The promotion famously went awry as fans stormed the field and the umpires ruled the game a forfeit after five innings. Ron Fimrite wrote about the game in the June 17, 1974 issue of SI:

"At first, they were merely capricious, fools clowning in the stands, spilling onto the playing field to gambol on the forbidden turf like rebellious children. There were streakers, naturally, and a woman who attempted to embrace Home Plate Umpire Larry McCoy, and teen-agers sprinting across the outfield. They created irritating delays in the game between the Cleveland Indians and the visiting Texas Rangers but, in the beginning, at least, they seemed manageable.

Some difficulty had been anticipated, for beer at Cleveland's Municipal Stadium on the night of June 4 was selling at 10 cents a cup, and of the 25,134 "Beer Night" celebrants, a few would obviously be attending the ball game in quest of a cheap high. The stadium security force was, therefore, beefed up from a normal 32 men to 48, just in case.

As the night wore on and the beer took hold, more than a few fans turned ugly. They dropped firecrackers near the Rangers' bullpen and suspended others on strings into the Ranger dugout. They tossed cherry bombs onto the field and poured beer on the Rangers as they returned to their bench. In the ninth inning, after the Indians, who had been trailing by two runs, had rallied dramatically to tie the score at 5-5, dozens of rowdy fans jumped onto the outfield, belligerent, spoiling for trouble."

Kate Upton is Not Happy

Somehow it's 2014 and the Los Angeles Country Club still gets away with not letting women golf before noon. And Kate Upton is not happy about it. 

The Simpsons Characters in NHL Logos

The headline says it all. This is very well done. 

Lovely Lady Round-Up

I discovered Paulina Shafir this morning while going through Coed's daily Instagram roundup and was (obviously) impressed with her looks. I also found this February interview pretty interesting ... April Love visited the SI offices for a 2015 swimsuit casting call ... The 30 hottest women of Summer TV ... The 32 hottest photos of Angelina Jolie ... Blake Lively is still attractive.

Hot Clicks Giveaway

It's National Military Appreciation Month and Philips Norelco donated $25,000 to Operation Homefront and enlisted Indians outfielder Nick Swisher to promote the cause. Swisher gave himself the iconic "high and tight" military haircut and you should also. Just tweet a photo of your haircut to @PhilipsNorelco with the hashtag #HighNTight. In a related matter, Philips Norelco hooked me up with its Hairclipper 7100 to give away. The 25th, 50th, 75th and 100th person who emails me ( the names of  the two Seahawks getting pedicures in A.M. Hot Clicks will receive them. Please make the subject line "High and Tight."

UPDATE 4:44 p.m.: Contest is closed. Winners will be notified. Another giveaway tomorrow, and even more next week. Good luck!

Can U.S. Team Have Sex At World Cup? 

Yes they can, according to coach Jurgen Klinsmann.

Odds and Ends 

Cleveland restaurants are naming lots of food after Johnny Manziel ... Brock Lesnar's Minnesota home is on sale for $799,000 ... Inside the world of competitive pinball ... The Purdue football team is putting photos of students on its helmets when it plays Iowa on Sept. 27 ... The 50 best cities for single men in America ... Alyssa Milano has a Los Angeles Kings shrine in her house ... Stubhub denied a man his $1 Stanley Cup tickets ... The children of O.J. Simpson are having a tough time finding jobs because of their dad's notoriety ... The 15 best books of 2014 ... A state-by-state look at the most common causes of death.

This is How You Celebrate a Goal

Hulk brings back the Macarena during Brazil's 4-0 victory over Panama.

Stanley Cup Finals in NHL '94

A simulation of the 2014 Stanley Cup Finals using an updated version of NHL '94.

Nick Swisher Gets the High 'N Tight

Thanks again to our friends at Philips Norelco for today's giveaway.

Ballad of Ten Cent Beer Night

A song about the infamous night.

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