By Jeremy Woo
June 06, 2014

If you've waited your whole life for the 2009 Villanova team to reunite, fear not. The Basketball Tournament begins today in Philadelphia, with 32 teams from around the country prepared to square off for a $500,000 cash prize.

The championship won't be played until later in the month, but the first four rounds take place this weekend. Reunited college teams, ragtag groups of former pros, average guys who love basketball—it's all here.

To whet your palate, TBT released a series of videos previewing some of the teams in the field. Take a gander at the videos below for more. We'll continue to keep close tabs on the action—SI's Luke Winn will be on hand and will have a full recap Monday.

Mustard TBT Coverage:

Remember These Guys?: Tournament Background

Who's going to win?: Handicapping the Field

Everybody Loves Brackets: A look at the matchups

Video Profiles:

DMV's Finest: Led by former Georgetown stars Austin Freeman and Chris Wright, DMV's Finest will compete for a great cause.

Showtime: A crew of underdogs from Virginia.

Big Apple Basketball: Smush Parker leads one of TBT's top teams, a talented group of college and NBA stars into the tournament.

Teasley's All-Stars: Former WNBA star Nikki Teasley begins her comeback.

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