By Dan Treadway
June 06, 2014

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Fans of food shows might recognize Chef Josh Capon from appearances on Chopped and Bar Rescue. Indeed, the executive chef who boasts restaurants in Miami as well as New York City is no stranger to celebrity clientele. So it's little wonder why Josh was tabbed this fall to cook for a few Yankee greats, including Dwight Gooden, Jeff Nelson, Mike Torrez, at the Food Network New York City Wine & Food Festival for an event titled “New York Yankees All Star Brunch hosted by Josh Capon.”

We asked Josh to tell us a little more about how he connects food with sports:

SI: What's your favorite stadium food?

Love any good hot dog, brats or sausage. Just feels right with a cold beer -- "COLD BEER HERE! Get your COLD BEER here!" -- and you gotta have a bag of peanuts in the shell, but only when the guy throws it to you from five rows away.

SI: What type of food are you serving to the Yankees?

Not quite sure yet but it will be good!

SI: Are you into tailgating? What's a simple recipe that would be a big hit?

LOVE tailgating! You have to be smart and remember you are cooking in a parking lot. I saw someone trying to heat up whole pieces of a pig when it was cold out, and that wasn't going to happen. I love doing things on skewers almost like yakitori or hibachi because they cook fast and are super easy to eat. Bacon on a stick, shrimp skewers, sausage and pepper skewers. Also, we are out there for a long time so I like to pace it out and do something different every half hour or so. And of course, end with BASH BURGERS! Sometimes we even fire up the grill after the game! Beats sitting in traffic.

SI: With Father's Day coming up, what are some good ideas for a family hoping to cook brunch for their Dad?

I say fire up the grill! All dads like to be outside with the kids and love good BBQ. But step it up: Have Dad do the grilling but you do the prep. Marinated shrimp skewers off the grill, marinated skirt steaks, some great brats, corn on the cob, lobster tails, whole-roasted red onion chopped over some tomatoes and basil. Have some fun.

SI: If you could choose one athlete to cook for and then share dinner with, who would it be and what would you serve?

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