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Extra Mustard's Father's Day Gift Guide: Something for Every Dad

Father's Day Gift Guide 2014

Once a year, we celebrate our dads in the most boring way possible: by giving them a tie and then listening to them snore during the final round of the U.S. Open. Maybe, just maybe, it's time to change it up.

Below, we've rounded up 17 gift ideas that will make dear old Dad feel a little more special this Sunday. (And also a tie, because why change what works?)

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Grill kit

Gourmet BBQ Grilling Crate

Because your dad is still in denial that you're a vegetarian. ($49.95-69.95, Harry and David)


Portable grill lighter

Your dad's eyebrows have finally grown back after last year's fire incident, so why not get him a safer way to light a grill this year? We should probably also mention that it looks like a sweet flamethrower. ($50, BBQ Dragon)

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Drinkin' Dad

Whistle Pig Whiskey

This is a 100-proof, straight rye whiskey, aged for at least 10 years through a unique double-barrel process. We're not sure what any of that means, but it sounds legit. ($73.99, Whistle Pig)


Laphroaig 18-year aged Scotch Whisky

Hey, it just got easier to get your dad drunk and ask him for money. ($84.99, Laphroaig)


Home Brew Kits

This home-brewing set comes with written instructions, a DVD, and a live-chat help line, so hopefully, unlike your family's computer, you won't have to have to explain to your dad how this works. Every year. Even though nothing on it has changed. ($54.95-99.95, Mr.Beer)

The PuckOpener

Just what your dad needs: something to make it easier for him to get drunk and play hockey. Hope you've got your iPhone ready to record. ($12, Buffalo Bottle Craft)

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Golfin' Dad

Quickster Chipping Net

Defense wins championships, and short game wins golf tournaments. Help your dad work on his chipping without letting him destroy all the cups in your home. ($49.99, SKLZ)


Father's Day Birdie Box

It's a Birchbox for dads. Kind of insulting that they had one for dogs first, tbh. ($75, Birdie Box)

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Slightly Balding Dad

New Era Diamond Collection Cap

Help your dad cling to his youth and cover his bald spot with these cool flat-brim hats. ($35.99, New Era)

Orioles hat
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Musical Dad

SI Recommends


Portable Charging Dock

Now your dad can listen to Jimmy Buffet anywhere! How fun for you! ($134.95, JBL)


Beech Earbuds

Or if you want to give him a more discreet way to enjoy his Buffet, this is the way to go. ($50, LSTN)

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Hippie Dad

Ascent Vaporizer

He'll love the three-plus hour battery life and sleek design of this portable glass vaporizer, and you'll love the fact that he's now too busy to organize all those family Kumbaya sessions. ($249.99, Da Vinci)

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Stylin' Dad

Sports Ties

These ties will combine your dad's love of sports with his occasional need to go to a fancy event. And with a wide variety of patterns, you can choose whether your dad's sports tie is Clinton-Kelly subtle and understated, or Rob-Ford loud and overbearing. NOTE: Please do not wear this at the same time as the ugly sweater. ($20-45,


Ugly NFL Sweaters

Your dad already owns plenty of ugly sweaters, but this one has NFL logos. ($59.99, Forever Collectibles)

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Gamer Dad
Man Crate

Retro Gamer Man Crate

Isn't candy and old-school video games a better way for your dad to try to recapture his youth than an expensive sports car and a younger, hotter new mom? ($89.99, Man Crate)


Xbox One

Sure, this is a gift for YOUR DAD. Right, sure. Not for you. Your dad. Got it. ($499.99, Microsoft)

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Outdoorsy Dad

Bug-Killing Device

Every dad is a kid at heart, and kids love their toys. Why nag him to hire an exterminator when you can give him a grown-up Nerf gun that kills bugs? This one uses salt as ammunition, so no need to buy the family dog a suit of armor. ($39.95, BUG-A-SALT)

power pot

Portable Power Charger/Cooking Pot

We've all been on a disastrous family camping trip. Let dad save the day by ensuring that everyone can at least still play Candy Crush. ($149, Power Practical)

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Or, if all else fails...

Love, the worst kid ever.

Love, the worst kid ever.