By Chris Mascaro
June 18, 2014

(Thomas Peter/Reuters) Now this is the way to watch the World Cup. (Thomas Peter/Reuters)

Athletes generally have awesome cribs, but An der Alten Forsterei Stadium in Berlin takes things to another level.

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FC Union Berlin's home pitch has been transformed into a living room World Cup viewing party, featuring a 700" television, 750 couches (each with side tables and lamps), wallpaper, and framed photos.

The renovated look can hold up to 12,000 fans, who most assuredly are taking their shoes off and digging their toes into the comfy grass (at least, that's what I would do).

There is no charge to watch games at the stadium, but no word on whether food or beverages are being sold (my guess is yes).

[ via Twister Sifter]

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