By Andy Gray
June 19, 2014

Pop Trolls LeBron

Gregg Popovich :: Getty Images Gregg Popovich :: Getty Images

If you dislike LeBron James, this has been a great week for you. First, his Heat squad was decimated in the finals, reducing him to tears at the end of the Miami bench. Then, a high school student poked fun at The King by cramping up and needing help to the podium during his graduation ceremony. And the coup de grâce occurred yesterday when Spurs coach Gregg Popovich trolled James during the Spurs victory parade in San Antonio.

Keeping The Faith

Kudos to this Kings fan who put a $500 bet on his team winning the Stanley Cup after falling behind 3-0 in their first-round series to the Sharks. The Kings came back in the series to win the Cup and the fan took home a cool $14,500 on the bet.

Hair Carving of the Day

A taxi driver in England got the face of captain Steven Gerrard shaved into the back of his head. Not sure if this beats the Tim Duncan face shaved into the back of the Spurs fan, but it's pretty close. For more of these face shavings into someone's hair, check out the Instagram account of Rob the Original, a true hair artist.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

According to her Twitter profile, Bryiana Noelle is a "fun filled little lollipop triple dipped in psycho." These qualifications certainly qualify her to be today's LLOD.

Big Day For The Dodgers

Sure, Clayton Kershaw pitched one of the most dominant no-hitters in baseball history, but that wasn't the biggest event for the Dodgers on Wednesday. Nor was Kershaw's postgame bubble celebration or Corey and Topanga throwing out the first pitch. The biggest event was the arrival of first-round draft pick Greg Holmes (and his incredible hair) to Chavez Ravine. I can't stop looking at his hair. He resembles a young Michael Brady (a.k.a. - Robert Reed) after one of his awkward perms. It may even distract Dodgers fans from making fun of Magic Johnson for this tweet.

Win Rookie Of The Year or Party With Justin Bieber

One NBA team actually posed this question to former Michigan star Nik Stauskas during a pre-draft visit.

From the SI Vault

Allen Iverson and Jud Buechler :: Al Tielemans/SI Allen Iverson and Jud Buechler :: Al Tielemans

It's Jud Buechler's birthday and what better way to celebrate than with this shot of Allen Iverson dunking all over the birthday boy. For more classic sports photos, visit the SI Vault on Twitter. While you're there, follow my personal account and then head on over to Facebook and become a fan of the Hot Clicks page. Did I plug enough things there?

Odds and Ends

A Bruins fan got this tattoo to honor the time Shawn Thornton sprayed water at P.K. Subban ... A girl named Abby ran onto the field during the Texas-UC Irvine college world series game ... Time looks at the rules for sex of each World Cup team ... Michael Vick has looked "laughably bad" during the Jets minicamp this week ... Congrats to Bartolo Colon on his first career double ... Still not sure who to root for in The World Cup? This handy chart should help ... The most recent no-hitter of every MLB team ... The complete list of every woman Leonardo DiCaprio allegedly has dated ... How cheating in video games has become a million-dollar business.

Clint Dempsey: Expert Rapper

With Clint Dempsey's new rap album about to drop, we revisit his first song, Don't Tread, which was released four years ago.

Len Bias Highlights

The former Maryland star died 28 years ago today.

WWE Themes: The 16 Bit Versions

Uproxx has 16 bit versions of some WWE theme songs, including my favorite: The Wyatt Family's Broken Out in Love.

Song of the Day

I'm still taking requests for our newest Hot Clicks feature (send to This Michael Franti tune is one of my favorites and will likely be stuck in your head for at least 24 hours.

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