By Nicole Conlan
June 19, 2014

Uruguay v Germany: 2010 FIFA World Cup - Third Place Play-off Uruguay at the 2010 World Cup (Getty)

As if things weren't bad enough for Uruguay at this World Cup, now they have termites.

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With their loss to Costa Rica and an injury to star Luis Suarez at the front of their minds, Uruguay returned to bed a few days ago to discover insects everywhere.

At first, the soccer stars thought these were ants, but authorities determined yesterday that they're actually termites. Uruguay thinks this is no coincidence.

An unnamed source told police that these termites must have been placed deliberately in Uruguay's rooms after their arrival, because preparatory evaluations of the hotel before the start of the World Cup didn't turn up any creepy-crawlies. According to Mirror Online:

Respected daily Tribuna do Ceara quoted an unnamed police source saying: "The team checked the rooms in search of bombs and chemical and nuclear weapons."

Wait a second, are these nuclear termites?! That means Uruguay might lose the World Cup, but they could also develop sweet powers like Spider-Man and launch a brand new comic book franchise. That's something to look forward to, right?

Despite these incriminating theories, no one really knows how the bugs got there. It's tough to determine for sure whether these are innocent, accidental termites, or whether they're:


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