Jesus From The Big Lebowski Wants His Own Movie

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Good news, chill dudes: John Turturro is ready to bring The Big Lebowski back to the big screen. The Hollywood Reporter revealed that the actor (who Lebowski fans know better as Jesus Quintana) is seeking legal clearance to make a spin-off of the Coen brothers' 1998 film. 

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Turturro is best known as an actor, but he's also directed several films of his own, including 2013's Fading Gigolo. The Coen brothers don't make sequels, but as this year's FX reboot of Fargo demonstrates, they're not opposed to the idea of other people adapting their work. It is possible that Turturro has already spoken with the Coen brothers and needs legal clearance from another rights-holder, such as production company Working Title.

Of course, they might tell Turturro that no one is allowed to adjust the original interpretation of the character (or, more colloquially, "Nobody f**ks with the Jesus").

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