By Dan Treadway
June 24, 2014

On Tuesday afternoon, Italy and Uruguay played one of the more closely contested and thrilling matches of what has been a remarkable World Cup. But chances are nobody is going to remember much of what occurred on the field of play on this day. Nope, the only conversation topic at the moment -- and for the foreseeable future -- will be the conduct of Uruguay forward Luis Suarez, who in the 80th minute of the match allegedly bit Italy's Giorgio Chiellini. As Planet Futbol notes, this would mark the third time that Suarez has bit an opponent during a match.

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Given the popularity of the World Cup on social media, it should come as little surprise that #cannibal, #biting and (of course) #BanSuarez began trending nationwide in the United States shortly after the incident occurred. With this in mind, we decided to compile a few of our favorite Suarez-related tweets (and oh boy, were there plenty to choose from):

And in summation:

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