Wednesday's A.M. Hot Clicks: Billboard Takes Aim at LeBron

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Tim Duncan billboard

The sign says it all. As the Heat works to keep its team together in the face of various LeBron rumors (the Clippers, the Cowboys and U.S. men's soccer team have all shown interest), this billboard was erected in San Antonio along U.S. Route 281. Where does this rank among other sports-related billboards? 

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Cuba Gooding Jr. Wins NHL Awards Show

The NHL held its annual Awards Show last night and the big winners included Penguins forward Sidney Crosby (Hart Trophy), Blackhawks defenseman Duncan Keith (Norris Trophy) and Bruins goalie Tuuka Rask (Vezina Trophy). The real star of the night was Cuba Gooding Jr., who may have spent a little too much time at the open bar. Puck Daddy has the ceremony's five best and worst moments whileThe Sporting News kept a running diary of the night.

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Fan of the Year

Can we get this young Marlins fan his own reality show? Preferably one that involves dancing. 

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Lovely Lady of the Day

Josh in Brooklyn tipped me off to the hotness that is Kyra Santoro, who I should've made LLOD a long time ago.

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The $20,000 Hot Dog Lawsuit

A Royals fan who was injured by a hot dog tossed by mascot Sluggerrr will get his day in court. On Tuesday, the Missouri Supreme Court said in a unanimous decision that "The Baseball Rule," which protects teams from being sued over fan injuries caused by events on the field, didn't apply to a mascot tossing hot dogs to fans in the stands. The fan, who is seeking $20,000 from the team, allegedly was struck in the eye by the errant hot dog.

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Pizza Bed Alert

No, this has nothing to do with sports, but any comforter that looks like a pepperoni pizza deserves recognition.

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From the SI Vault

Dell Curry 1992

Former NBA sharpshooter Dell Curry turns 50 today. In this photo from the 1992 Three-Point Contest, Curry waits for his turn alongside Mitch Richmond and Drazen Petrovic. Luckily, he had his son Stephen to keep him company. For more classic sports photos, visit the SI Vault on Twitter.

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Odds and Ends

Wimbledon is cracking down on players wearing colorful underwear this year ...Marshawn Lynch is not very good at golf ... A collection of first tweets sent out by athletes ... Boris Diaw went for a long swim and ended up joining a bachelorette party in Austin, Texas ... Bryce Harper wore this amazing T-shirt yesterday ... If World Cup teams had NFL logos ...These sneaker thieves didn't plan very well ... The best World Cup celebrations of 2014 ... This New Jersey high school student was busted for changing grades, a move right out of the Steve Sanders playbook ... Here's a Tumblr blog featuring old gaming advertisements ... TBS will air the 25 best Seinfeld episodes next week ... British Airways was sued after flying a man to Grenada instead of Granada.

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Dikembe Mutombo Hazes Jalen Rose

Dikembe Mutombo turns 48 today. Here's a great story from Jalen Rose about the time Mutombo sent him on a late-night trip to CVS for some "supplies."

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Philly Fans are Classy

Philadelphia's fanbase doesn't have the best reputation but it showed its class last night in giving Tony Gwynn Jr. a standing ovation. It was his first at-bat since his father passed away.

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Well-Trained Dog of the Day

Sign him up as the newest U.S. Post Office employee.