The Dog Whisperer is giving tips on how to stop soccer players from biting

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Dog Whisperer and TV personality Cesar Milan is chiming in on the Luis Suarez controversy, posting a list of tips for discouraging soccer players from biting, insisting that "like dogs, soccer players are not complicated — we make them that way."

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Milan's tips for keeping Suarez from relapsing include:

  • Making sure he gets plenty of exercise (probably not the problem for a professional soccer player, but a good tip for everyone, I guess)
  • Making sure he is crate trained (the most likely cause of Suarez's troubles)
  • Reducing aggression through spaying or neutering (this seems extreme, but if a four month ban doesn't stop Suarez, maybe this will?)

The celebrity dog trainer also believes that there is hope for rehabilitating the Uruguayan striker without further punishment.

Just as all aggressive dogs are not red zone cases, not every soccer player who bites is a red card candidate. With proper training and education, we can bring balance and harmony to their lives and teach them to play nicely with others!