By Andy Gray
July 02, 2014

Things Tim Howard Could Save

After his 16-save performance in yesterday's World Cup loss to Belgium, U.S. goalkeeper Tim Howard has become a national hero. There's even a petition to rename Ronald Reagan Airport after him. More important than that, Howard has become an internet meme. The #ThingsTimHowardCouldSave hashtag is currently trending on Twitter, and people have been creative and fantastic with their submissions. Some of my favorites are above.

Did MLB Let Alex Rodriguez Use PEDs

​That's the contention of the new book, Blood Sport: Alex Rodriguez, Biogenesis and the Quest to End Baseball's Steroid Era, by Tim Elfrink and Gus Garcia-Roberts. According to an excerpt from the book, A-Rod was granted a "Therapeutic Use Exemption"  to use testosterone during the 2007 season to treat “androgen deficiency medications.” Tom Verducci breaks down the latest revelation and how it is another blow to the tainted legacy of Rodriguez's career.

Warren Sapp Is Not A Bad Tipper

Warren Sapp and a friend enjoyed a $69 lunch before yesterday's World Cup game but didn't leave a tip because the waitress kept calling them "boys." Sapp took to Twitter to defend himself.

Lovely Lady Round-Up

I just received my latest copy of Galore magazine in the mail and it features Shay Mitchell. I think that was an excellent choice ... 

Texas Tech Cheerleader Kills Animals. Internet Angry.

Kendall Jones has posted pictures of herself with dead elephants, hippos, lions and other animals she's killed during visits to Africa. Predictably, the internet isn't happy and tried to get Facebook to remove the posts. I am staying neutral on this one because the last time I wrote about hunting, I got more angry emails than for any other item I've ever written. Speaking of things people are angry about, the black bar in the LLOD photo gallery is being fixed as we speak so you'll soon be able to view the entire photo. And that's good news. 

Feud Alert: Tampa Bay Bucs vs. Fox Sports Live

Fox Sports Live ranked all 32 NFL teams and the Buccaneers finished No. 32. The team was not happy about the ranking, and since it's 2014, Tampa Bay took its gripes to Twitter and asked fans where they would rank Fox Sports Live as a source of reliable sports news.

Muggsy Bogues Poses With Noah Vonleh

​The retired point guard (5-foot-3) stands next to Noah Vonleh (6-foot-10). It's been a busy day for Bogues, who also went public with his complaints about being misrepresented in NBA2K15.

Odds and Ends

Claude Giroux was reportedly arrested last night for “repeatedly grabbing the buttocks of a male police officer” ... These are the hats that will be worn at this year's MLB All-Star game ... The Rockets dissed Jeremy Lin in their presentation to Carmelo Anthony ... The Cavs have prepared a maximum offer sheet to Gordon Hayward ... Gallery: Classic photos of Jose Canseco, who turns 50 today ... The best sports GIFs of 2014 (so far) ... More people are using their cell phones on the toilet, and here's a handy chart to demonstrate ... Sons of Anarchy is bringing back Walton Goggins (aka - Venus Van Dam) for the show's final season ... A newsstand in New York City has been banned from selling coffee because a Starbucks moved into the building in which it is housed ... The New Yorker profiled a woman who poses as Elmo in Times Square ... My stomach hurts just looking at the new Doritos Loaded Snacks. I'll stick with Cool Ranch.

Lie-Witness News

Jimmy Kimmel took to the streets to ask people about Landon Donovan's performance in the World Cup. The results, as always, were hilarious.

Jose Canseco Smashes Head

I was going to link to the famous home run that bounced off of Jose Canseco's head but got distracted by this video and decided to go with it instead. Happy 50th, Jose!

Thank a Hero

Pat McAfee and Coby Fleener helped outfit the house of Erich Orrick, a retired US Army veteran and single father of two young daughters. The two Colts took Orrick for a weekend trip to Chicago while the fine folks of hhgregg overhauled the family home.

29 Celebrity Impressions. One Song.

Musician Rob Cantor pulls off 29 impressions while performing his original song Perfect.

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