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Jason Grilli and Ernesto Frieri ran into each other in an airport after being traded for one another

The Pittsburgh Pirates and Anaheim Angels agreed to a closer swap last week, sending Jason Grilli out west, while Ernesto Frieri headed to Pennsylvania. As the two traveled to their new homes, something extremely unlikely occurred: they ran into each other in the bathroom at Chicago's O' Hare Airport.

"I'm waiting for my next flight, so I just went to a bathroom to wash my face. First thing, I look at this guy washing his hands next to me," said Frieri, "and I thought, 'I think I know this guy.'

"I looked again, and he's looking at me and goes, 'Really? Well, I guess this is when we get to meet each other.'"

The two had never spoken before the chance encounter, but they told's Tom Singer that they wished each other well with their old/new teams and praised their former teammates.

And that is the story of the only pleasant experience anyone has ever had in an airport bathroom.

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