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Did Brazil fall victim to the Mick Jagger curse against Germany?

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The internet is still buzzing over Germany's destruction of Brazil last night, and some are pointing the finger at rock and roll legend Mick Jagger for Brazil's fall.


Brazilians have long noticed the supposed "Jagger Curse", which started at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. That year, the Rolling Stones frontman attended three matches, and all three teams he was rooting for -- the U.S., England, and Brazil -- lost. 

This year, Jagger tweeted support for England shortly before they lost, and a prediction he made at a June concert that Italy would beat Uruguay also turned out wrong. Suffice to say, Brazil really, really didn't want Jagger's support against Germany.

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In fact Brazilian fans had been begging on social media for Jagger to avoid jinxing their team the past couple of weeks, but alas, the Rolling Stones frontman showed up in support of Brazil last night, and the team went on to lose in the most humiliating way possible.