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You can now buy the original Marty McFly hoverboard

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The hoverboard, that floating device that saved Marty McFly's life more than a couple of times in Back to the Future Part II, can be yours -- if you're willing to shell out about $26,000.

One of the original boards that was used during the movie's shoot in 1989 is going to be exhibited -- alongside other Hollywood memorabilia such as the leather jacket worn by Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator 2 -- in London for two weeks in October, after which it will be placed up for auction by Vue Entertainment and Prop Store.

The board is expected by organizers to go for at least £15,000, which is about US$25,698.

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If you think that's a lot of money for a board that won't actually hover, think again. Public interest, and demand, for the hoverboard has been high since the the film's release in 1989, and the board has been the center of several hoaxes. The original hoax was started by filmmakers, who claimed in a behind-the-scenes featurette that the board used in the film's shoot was fully functional and would go on sale. 

Twenty five years later, Tony Hawk had to apologize for participating in a Funny or Die skit that tricked many into believing the hoverboard had finally been invented. 

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