By Andy Gray
July 16, 2014

Michael Jeter's Big Day

Derek Jeter :: Getty Images

Derek "Michael" Jeter played his final All-Star Game on Tuesday, doubling in his first at-bat (thanks, Adam Wainwright), singling in his second before exiting the game to a standing ovation. Wainwright gave up three first-inning runs, which Cardinals fans are hilariously blaming on his catcher (and National League rival) Jonathan Lucroy. Other highlights included Mike Trout's fish-themed cleats, this GIF comparing Felix Hernandez's fastball and changeup, as well as the great Tony Gwynn tribute. Oh wait, MLB completely ignored Gwynn's death. 

I'm Suddenly a Big J.R. Smith Fan

I don't like Rihanna. She jumps on bandwagons. She causes fights in clubs. She posts dumb things on Twitter (then immediately deletes them). So when J.R. Smith decided to call her out on Instagram, I had to post it in Hot Clicks.

Imagine If They Won Olympic Gold

Russian president Vladimir Putin gave new cars (Mercedes Benz, to be exact) to members of the men's hockey team, who won gold at the 2014 IIHF World Championships in May. This comes months after rewarding all Olympic gold medalists with $200,000 and a Mercedes Benz. I wonder what former FSU Cowgirl and current WWE Diva Lana would have to say about this.

Lovely Lady of the Day

When I emailed Stephanie Snyder yesterday to let her know she was going to be a LLOD, she responded, "Did I just win the FIFA World Cup, because that's how I feel right now?" Take that, Germany!

Minimalist Look At Baseball Stadiums 

London-based illustrator Marcus Reed created minimalist style posters of each Major League Baseball stadium and they are a pretty perfect gift for the baseball fan in your life.

Creepy Mascot Alert

Not sure why but the New York Post compiled the "12 creepiest mascots you'll ever see," which is a topic (mascots, at least) that has been covered extensively on the web. But this list gets extra points for including Gaylord the Fighting Camel of Campbell University, who I'd never heard of until 10 minutes ago and is quickly skyrocketing up my personal mascot power rankings.

From the SI Vault

Corey Feldman and Mr. T :: Getty Images

Corey Feldman remains one of the most interesting people alive. He starred in The Goonies, Stand By Me and The Lost Boys, dated a teenage Heather Graham and became close friends with Michael Jackson. These days, he has his own Hugh Hefner thing going with Corey's Angels. Anyhow, Feldman turned 43 today and I'm paying homage with this old photo of him and Mr. T. For more classic sports photos (and the occasional non-sports one), visit the SI Vault on Twitter. And read the Hot Clicks archives here.

Odds & Ends

The best and worst celebrity fan of each NFL team ... NBA champions Patty Mills and Aron Baynes crashed a live Fox Sports broadcast earlier today in Melbourne ... Great Twitter exchange last night between the 76ers and Suns ... Kevin Durant refused to sign this guy's shoes after he told Durant he planned on reselling them .... GIFs of the top World Cup dives ... If I were Cleveland, I'd trade Dion Waiters ASAP for this comment alone ... Chris Berman and John Kruk were caught on the hot mic during Monday's Home Run Derby ... The Wonder Years cast had a reunion ... There's a cat cafe in Tokyo.

LeBron's Move To Miami Gets WWE Treatment

Believe in The Heatles.

World Cup Flip Book

A unique look at the best goals of the World Cup.

Trick Shot of the Day

These group trick shot videos are starting to jump the shark, but kudos to these guys for the ring of fire element.

Song of the Day

Weird Al is back! Here's his take on Robin Thicke's Blurred Lines. 


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