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By Extra Mustard
July 16, 2014

Hollywood has several Jesse Owens projects currently in development and it appears as though the first of those to hit theaters will be Race, which will star Stephan James as the Olympic hero, with Jeremy Irons as USOC head Avery Brunadge and Jason Sudekis as track coach Larry Snyder, reports's Mike Fleming Jr.

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While Race has the support of the Jesse Owens Trust and the Jesse Owens Foundation, there are still several other scripts looking to put the four-time gold medal winner's story on the silver screen. Disney is looking to adapt Jeremy Schaap's biography Triumph, and another script which focuses on Owens' friendship with German track and field star Lutz Long, is being shopped to studios.

Whether any or all of these make it to the big screen remains to be seen, but it appears that the sprinter has become one of the film industry's hottest properties.


-Brendan Maloy

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