LeBron asks his Instagram followers what number he should wear

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Ever since LeBron James decided to return to Cleveland, people have been wondering if he would return to his old jersey number as well. 

When LeBron went to Miami in 2010, he started wearing No. 6, after wearing No. 23 during his first stint in Cleveland. He hasn't announced what number he'll sport next season yet, and apparently hasn't decided either. Today, LeBron posted a picture on Instagram with the simple question: "6 or 23?"

LeBron jerseys and shirseys are already available for preorder on NBA.com. But since he doesn't have a number yet, the sample images are using the placeholder 00, which would be totally awesome number for the best player in the world to wear. Plus, Cavs fans could recycle their Milos Babic jerseys. Just saying.

- Dan Gartland