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Here's Ray Allen dressed as a Chinese archer

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Ray Allen is in the midst of deciding his NBA future and he's chosen China as the location to do so. The NBA's greatest three-point shooter ever has been in Beijing for well over a week now, where he learned kung fu from a man who could be a doppelgänger for Bill (from Kill Bill), almost ate worms, and appeared on this TV show, where he was surrounded by people in various Allen jerseys. 

Allen gave advice on how to shoot -- "work on free throws because it helps develops a rhythm when the ball releases your hands" -- talked about his love of China, and received a bunch of gifts, including a caricature illustration and a cake. 

But the highlight of the show has got to be when Allen dressed up as a Chinese archer (in armor and all) and shot an arrow. 

[Gif via of The Big Lead]

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