By Gabriel Baumgaertner
July 22, 2014

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Gimme The Damn Birthday Cake

We wish a happy 42nd birthday to Keyshawn Johnson, one of the NFL's loudest, but finest wide receivers of the past two decades. Jets fans may remember him as talented and disgruntled, Buccaneers fans may commend him for helping them win the Super Bowl, Cowboys and Panthers fans? Well, he played for them, too. Nonetheless, enjoy the rare shots of Keyshawn that spans his dominant years at USC through his illustrious pro career. And if that isn't enough, take a trip down memory lane with SI stories from when Keyshawn was emerging as one of the NFL's most outspoken personalities.

This umpire really loves his gig

And he clearly loves 2 Chainz:

Could It Be? It Can't Be

Rumors continue to swirl that Tim Tebow intends to make an NFL roster this season, despite signing on to be an analyst on the SEC Network. So while you prepare for the potential media onslaught that could accompany his return, take a look at his surprisingly intense workout video filmed in Scottsdale and thankfully not featuring Trent Dilfer.

Lovely Lady of the Day 

Our Lovely Lady of choice this afternoon is Candice Swanepoel. A Victoria's Secret Angel from South Africa, Swanepoel has an Instagram that is racking up the visitors because of her new campaign with Osmoze jeans. Should you want to join her 3.2+ million followers, you can find her on Instagram here. You can also find the full-size gallery here.

Let's all go to the Brickyard

Not really much more to add here. Just watch it if you can handle the whole video:


Twitter is not for the faint of heart

Notorious NHL referee Tim Peel decided to get a Twitter account so he could interact with his "fans." The experiment did not go as well as he planned.

Odds & Ends

Richard Sherman recently said that he'd no longer be addressing anything about Michael Crabtree, so all he'll have to do is look at a new statue erected in his honor. ... If you want to show off your boxers, be sure to avoid Ocala, Fla., home of the new 'sagging pants ordinance' (h/t @BryanArmenGraham) ... Marshawn Lynch may or may not guard his Lamborghini with velvet ropes, but for some reason he isn't protecting the doors. ... Justin Bieber's neighbors are considering making a citizen's arrest. ... Cliff Lee punctuated his most recent interview very "flatulently." ... This Reddit user was taken for a bit of a ride when he called an Uber to pick him up. ... You'll never guess what insect ended up killing George Harrison's memorial tree. ... All you Tyler Durden worshippers rejoice, there will be a Fight Club 2, but with a twist. ... Covering the Tour de France sounds like a really difficult life. ... In more serious news, a fascinating read on why Deion Sanders' charter school was closed by the state of Texas. ... Lastly, an outstanding story on how a computerized exoskeleton can help millions of people walk again.

Water Balloon Warfare

Planning a full-scale water balloon assault on your neighbors or their children? The folks over at Gizmodo pointed their readers to an unusual and frankly unbelievable Kickstarter campaign. Behold the new invention, Bunch O Balloons. Yes, you read it correctly, it fills up to 100 water balloons in one minute. It has also raised over $5,000 of its $10,000 goal, which it will easily surpass. The summertime seems like the right time to make the donation and purchase, as I'm sure this qualifies as assault once the winter hits.

The oldest rivalry 

People say be careful owning both a dog and a cat. But if you do it right, you could end up with footage like this:

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