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By Extra Mustard
July 23, 2014

Add Shaq Fu to the list of things LeBron James is way better than you at.

At the beginning of Brian Windhorst's new deep dive into the mind of LeBron James on is a quote from a childhood friend about the perils of taking on the 4-time MVP in the Sega Genesis game.

"When we were growing up we used to play this fighting game on the Sega Genesis called Shaq Fu," says Brandon Weems, James' lifelong friend. "LeBron was the only one who had memorized all the moves and so he'd win every time. We all thought he definitely was cheating."

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Hopefully LeBron's love for the Shaq-inspired fighting game means he will someday come out with his own action game. Maybe something focused on saving burning jerseys from the streets of Cleveland?

[ESPN, via SBNation]

-Brendan Maloy

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