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'LeBron James beat' reporter sought by Ohio media group

An Ohio media company has an unusual opening for a new beat reporting gig — covering a single man's comings, goings, and everything in between.

That man happens to be LeBron James, who recently returned back to the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Northeast Ohio Media Group, which owns the Cleveland Plain Dealer,, and a few smaller Ohio newspapers, is advertising for a sports reporter on the "LeBron James beat."

From the advertisement:

Bring your sports, news and investigative reporting experience to one of the most challenging reporting jobs in the country, covering the sports performance, business dealings and community leadership of basketball star LeBron James. You'll cover all aspects of his roles in Northeast Ohio and nationally as he returns to the Cleveland Cavaliers, writing, creating videos, and posting across multiple platforms including all relevant types of social media. You'll also participate in broadcasts where you discuss James, working closely with reporters assigned to cover the Cavaliers and the NBA.

Northeast Ohio Media Group goes on to describe the job as one in which the successful candidate should be the "expert on LeBron James and what he means to Northeast Ohio, working from home, the road, coffee shops and our Cleveland office." Since he is "often inaccessible," the group says the job will require immediate and in-depth source-building.

[h/t Awful Announcing]