via Trevor Shalier/Facebook

Prince Harry photobombed rugby coaching legend  Sir Gordon Tietjens and friends at a swimming event at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. The picture is going viral since being posted on Facebook.

By Extra Mustard
July 29, 2014

Prince Harry is following his regal grandmother's lead by dropping a photobomb at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

Trevor Shalier, who runs the Sport Manawatu charity in New Zealand, was posing for a photo with rugby coaching legend Sir Gordon Tietjens and Professor Gary Hermansson, in the stands of a swimming event while they were getting the royal treatment from a grinning Prince Harry.

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This is a truly perfect photobomb by the always entertaining Harry, but it is a real shame his brother William is just staring ahead up on the top right corner. We were so close to the rare double prince photobomb.


-Brendan Maloy

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