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Who said it: Justin Bieber or Johnny Manziel?

Manziel is the Bieber of the NFL… Or is Bizzle the Johnny Football of pop music?

Manziel is the Bieber of the NFL… Or is Bizzle the Johnny Football of pop music? These two have so much in common that we have trouble keeping them straight, both are successful at a young age, ridiculously wealth and high-profile celebrities. But mostly, J&J share a passion for all things boozin’ schmoozin’ and late night cruisin’. Yeah, yeah Johnny, we know you have pledged that your partying ways won’t interfere with your on-the-field performance. We'll see. 

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What really tickles our fancy though, is that the two have reportedly started up a blossoming bestiehood, as seen in a recent Beverly Hills outing . The bromance potential here is so great that we couldn’t help but create a Who Said It quiz, “Biebziel” style. Think you can recognize which quotes came from everyone’s favorite Heisman trophy winner, and which ones came from The Biebs himself? Go ahead and try, we, ehem, belieb in you.