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Coach Urban Meyer wants LeBron James to attend every Ohio State home game

Ohio State Buckeyes coach Urban Meyer is asking LeBron James to attend each of the team's home games this season.

Ohio State coach Urban Meyer knows a great recruiting tool when he sees one and that is why he has asked LeBron James to join the Buckeyes on the sideline for each of the team's seven home games this season.

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Meyer told reporters that James' homecoming essay struck a chord with him as someone who grew up in northeast Ohio, and also said it would help the program's already robust recruiting to have James around as much as possible.

The Buckeyes also likely have a team of law school professors working around the clock on the NCAA bylaws, trying to find a way to squeeze some on-field eligibility out of James.

Every game is a tall order, considering LeBron has other work to do, but it seems like Meyer will probably get his wish for a few games this fall.

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-Brendan Maloy