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Rapper Lil B uses new track to continue feud with Kevin Durant

One would think that, with the Oklahoma City Thunder losing a key player to injury in each of the past two post-season, that rapper Lil B would ease off on the #THEBASEDGODCURSE  that he placed on Kevin Durant (and by relation, the entire Thunder team) back in May of 2011.

Apparently not. Today, Lil B released the video of his new song "No Black Person is Ugly" via Twitter, and he threw in a NSFW message to KD for good measure.

Now if you've been lost on this ongoing, very public beef between the two. Here's a quick primer:

In May of 2011, Durant tweeted the following:

A pretty mean tweet from Durant, to be fair (but then again, as Nike would point out later, KD is not nice). 

The 24-year-old rapper, real name Brandon McCartney, immediately fired back with that curse tweet. The two continued back and forth on Twitter, with both sides threatening to beat the other in basketball.

Durant eventually pulled out from the back and forth and for the past three years, has mostly ignored Lil B. But the Based One never stopped his public attack on KD, laughing when the Thunder lost the 2012 Finals, and continuing on to this day. In March, Lil B released the diss track "F*** KD".

Fans have mostly found the feud hilarious, with memes popping up left and right, including this mock Sports Illustrated cover.

-Ben Sin