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A new map shows which MLB team is the most hated in each state and each Canadian Province.

By Extra Mustard
August 04, 2014

Two Reddit users have teamed up to create a map that highlights the most hated MLB team in each state, as well as each province of Canada.

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As expected, the New York Yankees dominate the map, with a large swath of St. Louis Cardinals hate in the Midwest, and the Dodgers dominating the west coast. Only seven teams make the U.S. map with the Red Sox, Angels, Cubs and Nationals rounding things out.

via kmhokie35/reddit

In Canada things get pretty interesting though, as the northern territories have some odd animosities. The Northwest territory chooses the San Diego Padres (probably a weather jealousy based decision), while Nunavut pick the Chicago White Sox for reasons lost to the chilly winds of the north.

via kmhokie35/reddit

It should be noted the results are based on a survey of Reddit users and not scientific data, so don't send hate mails to any governors because you think they are out to get your favorite team.

-Brendan Maloy

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