Fans start petition to get Weird Al to play the Super Bowl halftime show

Fans have launched a petition asking the NFL to have Weird Al play the Super Bowl halftime show.
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The Super Bowl halftime show is generally reserved for the music world's biggest stars, but a new petition that is gaining steam on is seeking something a little different than the pop and classic rock which has dominated the showcase: Weird Al Yankovic.

The petition has almost 5,800 signatures already and suggests that the beloved parody artist could even have the musicians whose songs he has reworked join him onstage, to give the NFL the star power it craves.

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The movement was born when Weird Al's most recent album, Mandatory Fun, debuted on top of the billboard charts, having sold over 104,000 copies its first week, according to The Wall Street Journal's Speakeasy blog.

Oddly enough, actor & comedian Patton Oswalt actually predicted this ground swell several months ago.


-Brendan Maloy