By Andy Gray
August 06, 2014

Kobe vs. MJ

The internet is abuzz with Yousef Hannoun's latest video showing the similarities between Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. Hannoun, who set out two years ago to illustrated the similarities between the two stars, has already posted two other Kobe/MJ videos and stated this is his final one. The videos also are a good excuse to showcase this photo gallery showing just how closely the two stars resemble one another. 

Let Your Voice Be Heard

Stop what you're doing and sign this petition for Weird Al Yankovic to headline the next Super Bowl halftime show. As of this writing (2:07 p.m.), 6,204 people have already thrown their support behind this idea.

Chad Johnson. Now Failing in Canada.

After washing out of the NFL, Chad Johnson took his talents to the Canadian Football League to play for the Montreal Alouettes. The team is off to a 1-4 start and teammates are angry that Johnson, who has caught just four passes this season, still has a starting role. In one of my favorite quotes of 2014, an anonymous teammate said of Johnson: "We’re trying to win here. This isn’t some slap-d--- vacation league. Put the best players on the field that want to play."

Lovely Lady Round-Up

Adrianne Curry turns 32 today. I've been a huge Curry fan since she married Peter Brady (a.k.a. - Christopher Knight) in 2006 (click here for full-size version of gallery) ... The couple is now divorced and Curry is looking better than ever ... McKayla Maroney continues to dominate Instagram ... We pixilated a bunch of SI Swimsuit models. Can you guess who everyone is? ... Jackie Salimen is the latest Miss Coed ... Here are the unpixilated photos of those SI Swimsuit models ... The sexiest bikini selfies of celebrities.

Hot Clicks Giveaway: Month's Supply of Bazooka Gum

Everyone's favorite bubble gum, Bazooka, has launched its new "Wincredible" contest in which fans can win weekly prizes, tech gear, room makeover and more. All you have to do is buy their gum, then go to and enter the code on your wrapper. It's that easy. To celebrate this contest, Bazooka has offered a month's supply of gum to one of my readers. The first person to email me ( the name of the athletes featured in the Vault photo of this morning Hot Clicks will get it. Please make the subject line "Bazooka."

Update (5:12 p.m.): Contest is closed. Winners have been notified. Thanks for playing!

Reason No. 573 Why the NCAA Rules are Archaic

The Oregon Ducks egregiously violated NCAA rules by purchasing shaving cream and a razor for a recruit who accidentally left the items at home during a visit to Eugene. 


This fad is not going away.

Odds & Ends

Eagles cornerback Cary Williams still hates the Patriots ... A Texas man died in a truck accident and his funeral featured LeBron James jerseys ... Jake Peavy bought his brother a World Series ring ... Wisconsin is going the WWE Championship Belt route to entice recruits to Madison ... Alex Rodriguez has a new legal approach: Conciliation ... I agree with Kurt Warner's take on Andy Dalton and his enormous new contract ... An oral history of The Wonder Years ... Chris Pratt covered Eminem's part of Forgot About Dre and did a fantastic job ... 11 things you didn't know about The Beatles ... 18 hilarious video game glitches ... 10 ways to become a morning person.

Time Lapse Video: Ohio University Gets New Locker Room

Imagine how nice the locker room would be if Johnny Manziel used to play there.

Meet Kama, the Surfing Pig

I don't really know the context of this photo ... or even care. I just know that when a surfing pig video gets sent to me over email, I post it.

Meet Kama, the Supreme Fighting Machine

Since I'm a pro wrestling fan, the surfing pig made me immediately think of Kama, the Supreme Fighting Machine (played by Charles Wright, who also portrayed Papa Shango and The Godfather). Special bonus: The match features a very young Matt Hardy. 


The Original Rapping Weatherman

All I know is this comes from Australia and is from the very late '80s. 


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