August 12, 2014

Take That, Johnny Football

Orange Man :: Jim Corbett/USA Today

As Brian Hoyer and Johnny Manziel vie to be Cleveland's starting quarterback, one Browns fan is taking a stand. Orange Man, or Mark as he calls himself in the real world, spent Tuesday outside the Browns training camp trying to get fans to show (better yet, honk) their support for Hoyer. 

Ban the Stripper!

A group of Blackhawks fans have started a petition for the team to stop playing Ban the Stripper during the Shoot the Puck contest at intermission. The team generally invites a young child, pretty girl, adult male and then celebrity to participate in the contest. The child and adult male don't have any music but as soon as the pretty girl takes the ice, the song (made famous by Ravishing Rick Rude) starts playing. The petition also requests the male and female ice crew members don the same outfit (this is what the female members wear) and for one to two female moderators at the team's 2015 Convention.

NFL Owners Ranked By Likeability

​The Jaguars finally won something!

Lovely Lady of the Day

Carly Lauren posted this photo of herself in a ripped up Superman shirt and immediately took today's LLOD honors (click here for full-size gallery).

Busting a Move

Tuesday was a big day for random videos of athletes dancing. The Redskins led the charge with an all-out dance party while Sixers teammates Michael Carter-Williams and Nerlens Noel showed how excited they are about the NBA's schedule release. In Atlanta, Falcons cornerback Josh Wilson led a sing-a-long to The Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme song. Of course, all these athletes have a ways to go before they reach the dance heights already achieved by Tom Brady and Peyton Manning.

Atlanta Strip Clubs vs. Dallas Grassy Knolls

Comedian Joe Mande decided to rename NBA teams based on the first thing that pops in his mind when he thinks of a city. The results are hilarious, especially the New York Anxiety's Woody Allen logo and the Atlanta Strip Clubs.

From the SI Vault

John Elway and Billy Martin :: Corbis

On Aug. 19 John Elway will join Randy Johnson as the latest inductees into the Minor League Hall of Fame. Elway was selected in the second round of the 1981 MLB draft by the Yankees and played one season of minor league ball, hitting .318 with four homers, 25 RBI and 13 stolen bases. In this 1983 photo, Yankees legend Billy Martin shows Elway a photo of Joe DiMaggio, Mickey Mantle and Casey Stengel hanging out in owner George Steinbrenner's office. For more classic sports photos, visit the SI Vault on Twitter.

Odds & Ends

The Jets are holding an online contest to pick the next Fireman Ed ... Jayson Werth was cited for reckless driving last month for going 105 mph in a 55-mph zone ... If NFL teams were made from local players ... A player in Sweden scored 21 goals in his team's 30-0 victory ... Yasiel Puig nearly took out teammate Matt Kemp with a bat flip ... An Astros fan caught two home run balls hit by Chris Carter in the same game ... A town in Minnesota elected a dog to be its mayor ... Singer Robbie Williams is getting a lot of tributes in the wake of actor Robin Williams' death ... As a Criminal Minds fan, it was weird to see Shemar Moore back on The Young and the Restless. But I'm sure all the baby girls loved it. And I'm sure fewer than 10% of my readers know what I mean by "baby girl" so I'm going to shut up now. Hit me up on Twitter to continue this exciting Shemar Moore conversation!

2014 Drew League Dunk Contest Highlights

Like the NBA Dunk Contest, only much better!

P.K. Subban Tries to Speak French

Subban, who just inked a $72 million contract, says to a reporter, “What is the date today?” “My name is P.K.” and “You are really sexy.”

A Tribute to Bobby Clarke

The Flyers legend turned 65 today.

I Was Wrong.

I've tried to avoid as much Ice Bucket Challege videos as I can since they are slowly taking over the world. But yesterday I laughed at Giants owner John Mara trying to get Bill Belichick to do it. But 24 hours later, the Patriots coach joined owner Bob Kraft and several players in the challenge.

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