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This corn maze is in the shape of Derek Jeter's face

The folks at Von Thun's Country Farm Market & Greenhouses have created a five-plus acre corn maze in the shape of Derek Jeter's head
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It's Derek Jeter's last season (duh) and fans are pulling out all the stops to celebrate the career of the great Yankee shortstop. However, the folks at Von Thun's Country Farm Market & Greenhouses decided to take their fandom a few steps further by creating a five-plus acre corn maze in the shape of Jeter's head. has the story:

The corn-maze design was originally going to be a tractor with pumpkins in it, but the company that helps the VonThun family with its corn maze had a better idea, and it's still great in September and October. "We are right in the middle of Yankees territory," said Cindy VonThun of the VonThun Farms. "No matter which way you turn, everybody just loves Derek Jeter. He's just the all-around good guy."

Overkill? Probably. But Yankee haters can take solace in the fact that they won't have to deal with the Jeter celebrations past October.

The maze is set to open on September 20.


-- Alex Suskind