By Andy Gray
August 19, 2014

Athletes Doused With Water

If you've spent more than six minutes online over the past couple weeks, chances are you've seen someone take the Ice Bucket Challenge. For sports fans, however, someone being doused with cold liquid is nothing new. It's been a part of sports for decades. We've collected some of our favorite 'doused in water' photos in the gallery above. Also worth noting: the reporter running out of the way in this photo is tremendous and this 1987 pic of Bill Belichick should've been in the gallery.

Steph Curry is Talking Trash

Stephen Curry has developed into one of the NBA's most dangerous offensive weapons ... and it looks like his mouth isn't far behind. Last week he stated that he's a better offensive player than LeBron James and followed that up yesterday by saying that a team of Curry and Klay Thompson could defeat LeBron James and Kevin Love in 2-on-2. I completely disagree with the last statement and (hopefully) new NBA Commissioner Adam Silver throws a 2-on-2 tournament into the All-Star Weekend calendar. As for Curry, I applaud his confidence, though it's not entirely surprising. It takes a brave person to wear denim on denim.

Hazing Scandal at New Mexico

According to reports, freshmen on the University of New Mexico women's soccer team were forced to strip naked, consume large amounts of alcohol and were sprayed with urine.

Lovely Lady Round-Up

Mark from Sachse, Texas, was checking out the Instagram account of Mackenzy Tasto (this morning's LLOD), when he came across a pic of Liz Smith, Miss Tropic Beauty 2014. He asked me to feature her in a future Hot Clicks. And since I applaud anyone who goes the extra mile to check out LLOD Instagram accounts, Mark gets his wish (click here for full-size version of gallery) ... A compilation of SI Swimsuit models taking the Ice Bucket Challenge ... Thank you to Popoholic for introducing me to the hotness that is Gigi Paris.

Jared Lorenzen Update: He's Still Hefty

Former Kentucky QB Jared Lorenzen (a.k.a. - The Hefty Lefty) returned to Lexington on Monday and introduced himself to freshman DT Matt Elam, who is listed at 6-foot-7, 375 pounds. Judging by this photo, Lorenzen is as hefty as ever and Elam should be a beast on the defensive line.

My New Favorite Baseball Fan

Hit In the Face With a Golf Ball

Odds & Ends

Steelers fans are already selling a foam finger response to Johnny Manziel ... The biggest villain on every NFL team ... Ranking all 15 of John Cena's WWE title losses (spoiler alert: Brock Lesnar is No. 1) ... Maryland announced the "Maryland Way Guarantee", which assures a lifetime scholarship to athletes ... Love SI's cover this week of Little League star Mo'ne Davis ... Deep-fried tequila shots are now a thing ... The New York Post has a story, written by a female, about how men catcalling at women is actually flattering ... thinks the N.Y. Post article is completely wrong ... How one terrible movie ruined Hollywood.

Dude Perfect Visits Gillette Stadium

The trick shot artist works his magic. This would be 20 times better with less annoying background music.

Sports Middle Fingers

In honor of Johnny Manziel, here are other prominent middle fingers in sports.

Bruce Springsteen Performs at Super Bowl XLIII

The NFL reportedly wants bands to start paying to perform at halftime of the Super Bowl. Not sure what to make of this -- seems like bands should just do it for free and not have to pay or get paid. Nevertheless, it's a good excuse to show my favorite halftime performance. 

Every Quentin Tarantino Movie Death

Tarantino fan Jaume R. Lloret made this tribute to his favorite director.

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