By Andy Gray
August 20, 2014

Mo'ne Masterpiece

I've been working at SI for nearly 10 years and have never seen a cover as universally praised as this week's edition featuring Mo'ne Davis. There are always a few people angry at SI over something but I have not received one negative tweet, email or anything. With that in mind, check out this gallery of Mo'ne in action at the Little League World Series as well as this feature on her dominant performance.

Worst Bootleg Team Gear on the Internet

Ace reporter Luke Winkie journeyed into the depths of CafePress and found the absolute worst in bootleg team gear. So if you're looking for a Knicks t-shirt that says "All my bodily fluids are orange & blue," you're in luck.

John Lackey. Good Teammate. 

John Lackey may not have the best reputation in Boston right now but he certainly endeared himself to Cardinals reliever Pat Neshek in a big way. Lackey wanted Neshek's No 41 jersey and instead of giving him a big check for it, Lackey gifted Neshek with an authentic Babe Ruth autographed baseball (and accompanying paperwork).

Lovely Lady Round-Up

Hannah Ferguson will be one of eight (yes, eight) SI Swimsuit models throwing out the first pitch at the Brooklyn Cyclones game on Friday. She also has a bunch of new lingerie photos out ... A compilation of SI Swimsuit models taking the Ice Bucket Challenge ... 40 great Amy Adams photos to celebrate her 40th birthday.

Meet Mr. Manchester United

A Manchester United fan won a 15-year legal battle with the Bulgarian courts to have his name changed to Mr. Manchester United. And then to celebrate, he got the club's crest tattooed on his forehead. I wish I were making this up.

30 Best Jordan Cleats of All Time

From Andre Johnson to Deion Sanders, check out the 30 best Jordan cleats of all time (as modeled by NFL players)

John Wall Visits Great Wall of China

Odds & Ends

Demaryius Thomas got custom socks made with a photo of Demaryius Thomas ... Members of the LSU football team helped students move into their dorms (while dressed in their LSU jerseys) ... Raptors rookie Bruno Cabuclo is on a 6,000-calorie-per-day diet ... Chipper Jones and Manny Ramirez ran into each other at the Des Moines Airport ... College football's 10 worst trophies of all time ... Bryan Cranston autographed a baseball as Walter White ... There is now a beef jerky potato chip ... Mark Wahlberg may star in a movie about the BP oil spill ... Great, great piece for It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia fans on Charlie's battle with literacy.

Larry Bird (and Michael Jordan) Take Ice Bucket Challenge

I know. These are getting old. But it's Larry Bird and he has this goofy laugh at the end that makes it worth watching. And here's a link to MJ's bucket bath.

Lucky the Dog Does Not Take Ice Bucket Challenge

This dog is smarter than all of us. Time has a good compilation of dogs taking the challenge.

Things to Do During a Rain Delay

In honor of last night's Cubs debacle, Next Impulse Sports compiled the best rain delay shenanigans.

Evolution of Zack Morris' Brick Phone

Saved by the Bell first aired 25 years ago today. To celebrate, let's look at the evolution of Zack's phone.

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