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Thursday's A.M. Hot Clicks: The Best of the #NBACartoon Memes

NBA Cartoons

George of the Jungle :: @Pacers/Twitter

George of the Jungle :: @Pacers/Twitter

After the success of #NBAMovies, #NBASitcoms and #NBAMusicians, it was only a matter of time before the franchises teamed up for another meme. That time was last night and the theme was NBA Cartoons. Here are some of my favorites.

T-Shirt Controversy in Arizona

Dodgers fan Armando Mendoza attended Chase Field on Tuesday to see his favorite team take on the Diamondbacks. And like any good Dodgers fan, he wore a T-shirt that read, "We won the West. Now Where's the Pool," a reference to the Dodgers clinching the NL West in Arizona last season and celebrating in the Chase Field pool. The staff at Chase Field didn't see the humor in the shirt. He was asked several times to turn it inside-out or else he'd be kicked out. But since it's 2014, he live tweeted the entire incident and soon got support from fellow Dodgers fans. The tweets eventually found their way to Josh Rawitch, the  Diamondbacks VP of communications, who apologized and offered free seats to any future game. The lesson, as always, is that twitter makes everything better.

Bill Belichick on Soccer

He's the best.

Lovely Lady of the Day

Michea Crawford has a new lingerie shoot out for Agent Provocateur, which is a good enough reason to declare her today's LLOD (click here for full-size gallery). 

Diss of the Day

I don't want to deflate the air in Robbie Hummel's burgeoning rap career, but even his own team (the Timberwolves) is having a hard time taking it seriously. Perhaps these rhymes will prove he's legit.


Yankees catcher Francisco Cervelli got hit in the worst place possible last night, which is the risk of playing catcher. What makes it even worse is that my trustworthy source tells me Cervelli doesn't wear a cup. 

From the SI Vault

Jose Offerman :: AP

Jose Offerman :: AP

Remember that time in 2007 when Jose Offerman attacked a player with a bat during a minor league brawl? Nearly seven years later, the case is still in litigation. On Wednesday, Offerman officially appealed a jury's decision to award Johnathan Nathans, who was hit in the head by the bat, $940,000 in damages. Nathans' suffered a career-ending concussion in the brawl and still requires physical, vestibular and vision therapy. For more classic sports photos, visit the SI Vault on Twitter.

Odds & Ends

As a UMass alum, it's great to see Doug Flutie's statue dressed accordingly for Saturday's rivalry game against BC ... Michael Vick is not pleased with former Eagles teammate Riley Cooper ... The San Diego Padres have started a petition to strip Bud Selig's name from Petco Park plaza ...Mark Sanchez's Madden '15 touchdown dance is a sight to behold ... Kobe Bryant and his pain tolerance ... Great story on Super Tecmo Bowl, a game that consumed much of my middle school life ... Eleven random facts about lobsters ... Alexandria Morgan rode her bike in Central Park. 

Little Jeter Steals the Show

Derek Jeter's nephew, Jalen Jeter, tips his cap to the home crowd during pregame ceremonies before Wednesday's game against the Tigers.

Two-Year-Old Knows Wrestling Themes, Part 2

Sam Roberts interviews Beckett Sage, who showed off his knowledge of wrestling theme songs. Here's Beckett's first video if you missed it.

You Don't See This Everyday

Caroline Wozniacki's hair gets stuck in her racket.

Lou Piniella Fights Rob Dibble

Lou Piniella turned 71 today. Here's his 1991 locker room fight with Rob Dibble from Lou's days managing the Reds. Mucho cursing in this so put on your headphones.

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