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Mike Tyson is currently playing safety for the University of Cincinnati Bearcats, just not the Mike Tyson you are thinking of.

By Extra Mustard
August 28, 2014

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Michael Jamont'e Tyson recently spoke with the Cincinnati Enquirer's Tom Groeschen about sharing the same name with the famous, and infamous, boxer, admitting he hears a lot of the same reactions.

"People will be like, well, you can't fight like Mike Tyson," UC's Tyson said. "Or they say, 'You're going to bite my ear off.' They say stuff like that, just joking around."

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The sophomore, who was born in 1993, said his father and grandfather were also named Mike Tyson, and the family continued the tradition despite the heavyweight's rise to fame. UC's Tyson has even passed his name on to his own one-year old son Michael Jai Tyson.

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