Retiring New York Yankees' captain Derek Jeter is featured on the cover of The New Yorker along with an essay from Roger Angell about the shortstops final season.

By Extra Mustard
September 01, 2014
Mark Ulriksen/The New Yorker

Retiring New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter is featured on the cover of this week's issue of The New Yorker along with an essay from Roger Angell about the shortstop's final season.

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The cover art was drawn by Mark Ulriksen, who said it was an odd task for a Boston Red Sox fan.

"I loathe the Yankees, but I appreciate and respect Jeter. No baseball fan can ever forget ‘the flip’ against the Oakland A’s in the playoffs. He’s a classic—humble, consistently spectacular, both at bat and in the field... Commemorating his career with a farewell cover is something that I’m sure even the Red Sox Nation can forgive me for.”

After reading Angell's essay, be sure to check out Tom Verducci's profile of the legendary baseball writer.


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