By Andy Gray
September 10, 2014

Athletes in Wax

Visitors at Madame Tussauds Wax Museum in San Francisco got a surprise when the Jeremy Lin wax figure turned out to be Jeremy Lin. As luck would have it, we have an Athletes in Wax gallery sitting around.

Pay $179. Skip Security Line.

If you've been to a baseball game recently, you've noticed the hellish security getting into a stadium. That's because the league has required that all teams scan all attendees with metal detectors starting next season (though some stadiums have already implemented this rule). In San Francisco, a company is offering fast-lane access through security, for the low price of $179 for the season. And that's just for one person. Get yours today!

Concession Food Item of the Week

Feeling hungry? How does a burger made of eight 8 oz. patties, 32 slices of bacon and eight slices of cheese with a pound of fries on the side sound? Visit The Trop for a Rays game and ask for 'The Fan vs Food Burger.' Make sure you bring $30 and a cardiologist.

Lovely Lady Round-Up

I checked in with die-hard New York Giants fan (and former LLOD) Juliana Proven to see if she still has faith after the Week 1 loss. She chimed in, "Of course I still have faith. It's been a rocky start since preseason but the GIANTS still have a lot to show. I KNOW That!!!" So there it is. Now check out these photos of Juliana ... Aaricka Wolf has a new photo shoot out for Mary Grace ... SI Swimsuit models at fashion week.

Worst Pro Wrestling Promos Ever

If you're a pro wrestling fan, this is well worth 10 minutes of your time.

Quick Public Service Message

This is aimed at high schoolers, but really should be used by everyone. If you're texting with a friend and about to get in a car to drive somewhere, use #X to put the conversation on pause until you arrive at your destination. This is part of the "It Can Wait" campaign and I was asked to spread the word. Please do the same. 

Who Is the NFL's Superman?

Odds & Ends

A Blue Jays fan trolled the Cubs by dressing as Steve Bartman ... A Baltimore pizzeria is offering a free pie in exchange for a Ray Rice jersey, which it will then use as toilet paper ... Steve Smith wants you to know exactly how much he was paid ... Speaking of the NFL, this Giants fan burned his Eli Manning jersey after just one loss by Big Blue ... Good New York Times feature on the growth of TMZ as a legitimate breaking news sports site ... The greatest player of all time from every NFL franchise ... Russell Westbrook judged a Subway Fashion Show that was inspired by vegetables ... Twenty-nine things you probably didn't know about J.R. Smith, in honor of his 29th birthday ... The White Sox had a Bark in the Park Night ...  This Devon Still story is amazing. Kudos to the people of Cincinnati (or anyone who bought his jersey)​.

Life of a Yell Leader

A profile of Texas A&M's yell leaders. Not sure I can support anything that involves men wearing overalls. Unless Larry Brown is involved.


Triple Head Shot

The rare volleyball spike that goes off three people's heads.


Bad Moments in Local News

Am I doing the tease or am I doing the story?


Dog Meets Snow

Rod from Calgary sent me this video of his dog, a rescue from California, seeing snow for the first time. 

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