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By SI Wire
September 12, 2014

It feels like this has been destined ever since LeBron James returned to the Cavaliers in July, headed back to the town that saw the Cleveland Browns draft Johnny Manziel just two month earlier: the superstar athletes are fast becoming good friends.

Manziel told reporters Friday that he hung pit at James's house last week and watched football, that he has Cavaliers season tickets for 2014-15 and that, naturally, he feels #blessed to be able to be friends with LeBron.

Then, Manziel attended a private screening James held Thursday night of the new Starz TV show the two-time NBA champion is helping produce. Called "Survivor's Remorse," the comedy series focuses on a basketball player's rise to professional stardom, exploring the highs and lows of what happens when a phenom "makes it out" and into the public eye.


Cam Calloway, the young phenom, deals with the challenges of having opportunistic family members as well as living in the public eye, things Manziel and James said they could relate to during a special question-and-answer session following the viewing of the first two episodes.

"So many things hit home to me," Manziel said. "I felt like Cam."

The hope in Cleveland, of course, is that both players bring home a league championship, or two, or three or four to the title-starved area.  

Ben Estes


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